Our Ofsted Report


Derwentwater OFSTED Update


At Derwentwater we have been working hard to put in place a series of recommendations that were made as a result of the visit by Ofsted in March 2017. I am pleased with the progress that we are making on our journey to Outstanding. We have made a series of changes and are implementing various strategies to meet the Ofsted standards. The focus is on teaching, learning and assessment as well as ensuring that all students are making at least expected or better progress, no matter their starting points. You will have noticed some of these changes. We have introduced a new mathematics differentiation system (medium, hot and spicy), new Year 2-6 mathematics homework, rearranged the whole class English novel list and implemented a new target system for writing.


Additionally teachers are working in year groups on shared planning, moderating pupils’ work to ensure consistency across year groups. In line with national expectations, we have been working in collaboration with other Ealing schools to validate our writing judgements. We have introduced a new assessment system that allows teachers and leaders to celebrate progress of students and identify where additional support is required.


Overall I am pleased with the general progress that we are making and thank teachers and support staff as well as the senior leadership team, in making these improvements. Please find a summary of the actions to date on the key areas identified by Ofsted.


Ofsted Targets 1: Improve the effectiveness of leadership and management.


1a - Leaders check the quality of teaching and outcomes more rigorously so that all groups of pupils make the progress of which they are capable in a wide range of subjects.


Actions taken by Derwentwater:

  • Leaders have been using the new assessment system to set parameters for all individual targets. They are currently analysing pupil progress towards these targets.
  • In collaboration with an Ofsted inspector, leaders have reviewed systems used for conducting learning walks and book scrutinies across all subject areas, giving feedback to teachers, celebrating good practice and discussing next steps and possible strategies for moving identified aspects forward. As a result of this, leaders have a clearer understanding of teachers’ strengths and areas for development. Teachers requiring development receive support either through joint planning with leaders, team teaching or observations of experienced teachers with a senior leader to talk through the observation.
  • Mrs Nicholas and Miss Mulvany will be holding pupil progress meetings with all teachers to discuss pupils’ progress.


1b - The school’s assessment and tracking systems are improved so leaders can track pupils’ progress over time consistently across reading, writing and mathematics.


Actions taken by Derwentwater:

  • We have introduced the school’s new assessment system called “Programme of Study”.
  • All children’s July 2017 scores have been recorded on the new system.
  • Teachers have set individual end of year reading, writing and mathematics targets for each pupil.
  • Teachers have assessed all pupils against the reading, writing and mathematics objectives which have been taught so far in the school year.
  • Teachers have identified the pupils who are making secure progress against their individual end of year targets. Pupils who are moving slowly have been identified and specific targets are being set for them with clearly defined actions and time frames to help pupils catch up.


Ofsted Target 2: Improve the quality of teaching and learning.


2a -teachers have high expectations of what pupils can do and achieve


Actions taken by Derwentwater:

  • Teachers have set challenging targets for their current pupils and are frequently measuring their progress.
  • Teachers are continually fine tuning their teaching to ensure all children are making appropriate progress towards their targets.


2b - teachers make better use of assessment information to analyse how well different groups of pupils achieve


Actions taken by Derwentwater:

  • Teachers are using the new assessment system to track pupils on a very detailed basis.
  • Teachers are analysing pupil data half termly.


2c - all groups of pupils are challenged sufficiently so they make at least good or better progress


Actions taken by Derwentwater:

  • All pupils have access to all levels of mathematics work. This allows pupils to make quick progress through the levels of challenge.
  • Feedback from higher ability pupils has shown that children feel challenged and are supported by their teachers to achieve success.
  • Higher ability pupils have said that they have different expectations from the rest of the class in their English lessons.
  • Senior leaders are running targeted interventions for identified pupils who are being pushed to achieve greater depth.


2d - pupils who speak English as an additional language are well supported to make good progress in their learning from their starting points.


Actions taken by Derwentwater:

  • We have launched the “Colourful Semantics” writing system across the school. This will support all children to develop their writing skills from a basic to a complex level. All teachers and support staff have had specialist training in this system.
  • Specific language lessons are taking place to support pupils to learn to speak English quickly.
  • Pupils new to English are having specialised phonics sessions where they are learning how to read using the school’s ReadWriteInc phonics programme.


Ofsted Targets 3: An external review of governance should be undertaken in order to assess how this aspect of leadership and management may be improved.


Actions taken by Derwentwater:

  • This has been completed.
  • The governors have an action plan which they are working towards.
  • The Chair of Governors and Mrs Nicholas will be meeting with Ealing Council to share the findings of the report and progress against that action plan.


Ofsted Targets 4: An external review of the school’s use of the pupil premium should be undertaken in order to assess how this aspect of leadership and management may be improved.


Actions taken by Derwentwater:

  • The external review has been completed.
  • The 2016 – 2017 pupil premium report on our website is Ofsted compliant.
  • This year’s report will include recommendations from the pupil premium review.


I am pleased by the fantastic support provided by our parents. I am very happy with how our pupils are meeting the challenge of raised standards and expectations.

There is still much to achieve and I look forward to providing additional information on our overall progress.