Supporting Spelling at Home

  1. Have your child write the spelling words:
    • On paper with pencils, pens, markers or paint
    • With chalk on a sidewalk
    • With dry erase markers on a white board or mirror
    • Type on the computer
    • With his/her fingers in a plate of pudding or in whip cream/shaving cream on a counter
    • On post-it notes and stick on the bathroom mirror
  2. Have your child spell the words out loud when you are in the car, walking to school, in the store, waiting in line, etc.
  3.  Spell words using blocks, Scrabble tiles or flash cards. You can make own using index cards – one card for each letter. Consider using different coloured letters for vowels.
  4. If the list of words to learn is long, have your child choose 4-5 to focus on at a time.
  5. Combine spelling with physical activity
    • Your child can do jumping jacks, saying one letter per jump
    • When walking up the stairs, get him/her to say one letter per step
    • Your child can holla hoop and say one letter per loop
  6. Download a dictionary app on your devices and keep a dictionary at home to help your child look up unfamiliar words.
  7. Encourage your child to read. Often, good readers are good spellers. 

Click here to download ideas for spelling activities to do at home.

Information taken from For the Teachers